Mountain Bike Trails

Off-road Mountain Bike Trails in the Israel’s National Trail & Surrounding



Mountain bike in Israel is becoming more and more common in our places. Every weekend as the sun rises and sometimes even before, the invasion of the “weekend warriors” begins… Thousands of bikers all over the country by them self or with groups meet to ride the country, each of them with their favorable style:

·         Cross country.

·         Trail

·         All mountain

·         Downhill

Adaptation of the National Trail into a Mountain bike trail:

Much of the existing INT is already ride-able but there are parts where it crosses difficult terrain unsuitable for bikes. There is an alternative ongoing mapping project to make the INT more suitable for bikers. Even at the present stage of development the Israel Bike Trail has a combination of biking features that are unique and should be a major attraction for mountain bikers and cycle tourists from all over the world to do their biking vacation in Israel. This site will keep you updated as regards the development of the project.
It is hoped that when the Israel Bike Trail is complete its details will be published in a travel guide and be marked on the Israel tour maps.




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